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Digital transformation is a broad headline. One strategic and basic theme within it is making your enterprise more data-driven, so it can better compete in this era of digital disruptors. They are masters of advanced data analytics so you should sharpen your data capabilities too. Basically enriching your data assets then putting them to effective use, thereby extracting the most business value from this “new oil”.

However digital transformation can’t be reduced to better data management only. It has many facets that should all align for success. We provide you with a comprehensive set of services that cover the whole digital transformation journey end-to-end, from “Strategy” to “Transformation Management” to “Optimization”. Whether you are still planning or have already taken steps down the journey, you can engage us to boost your results.

1- Digital Strategy Consulting

The success of digital transformation is primarily based on a vision and strategy that is well adapted to the industry, market, technology, and various capabilities of the company. Therefore, it should start at the top management level before drilling its way down the organization. As management consultants on digital transformation, we use the following general approach:

  • We perform a comprehensive assessment (or leverage existing assessments) of your organization maturity across the various dimensions of Digital Capabilities and produce concise as-is reports to benefit your overall digital SWOT analysis.
  • We leverage applicable frameworks and references** to build on best practices and produce tailor-made insights and recommendations to aid management in seeing the full picture and have a solid business case.
  • We collaborate with you to produce a custom Business Digital Transformation roadmap that is innovative yet agile for risk mitigation. We ensure continued business and IT alignment by starting with carefully picked pilots that can scale fast once safe to do so.

** Examples of frameworks and references we use are the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), ISACA’s COBIT 5 and ITIL for IT Governance, ISO 8000 for Data Quality, DAMA DMBOK2 for overall Data Management. For specific industries we may use additional frameworks like TMForum Frameworx, etc

2- Transformation Management

Business Transformation Management Methodology

Aiconomica has senior consultants with decades of hands-on experience successfully managing large complex programs and projects such as:

  • The launch of large telecom operators with tight deadlines
  • Implementation and integration of large scale software solutions
  • Implementation of Data Warehouses with massive amounts of data

With our expertise we assure you the effective management of your Digital Transformation roadmap and control the quality of the delivery with oversight of the overall program and with a vendor agnostic perspective.

3- Optimization

Optimize with Advanced Analytics and Smarter Processes

Aiconomica enterprise architects, process engineers, and data scientists help you achieve progressive maturity in mission critical fields.

One example of optimization is building more solid capabilities in Data Management and Advanced Analytics. We commit to evaluate and improve the existing processes for data management and governance to ensure your data quality and security are adequate and can support your evolution towards Big Data and AI.

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Data Management

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