Founder’s Vision

Sami Tayara, Founder, Aiconomica

Aiconomica was founded in 2017 by Sami Tayara, an economist and technologist with a global diverse career spanning large multinationals, entrepreneurship, IT, Business Intelligence and the art and science of extracting economic value from data. 

Sami realized early-on that rising technologies like Artificial Intelligence have led humanity to a critical juncture similar to the invention of electricity or the internet.

It will require people, businesses, and whole countries to make significant adjustments to de-risk this transformation and emerge among the winners.

Sami believes that the 2020s decade will be dominated by new economic and digital business paradigms such as Industry 4.0 or omnichannel customer experience. These are data-driven AI-infused business models that can leverage data assets, analytics, the cloud, IoT, and robotics to create better customer experiences and/or much higher operational efficiencies. So Sami set his focus on helping his clients counter and conquer these new threats and opportunities.

Robots vs humans

Sami also supports the development of a social responsibility pact whereby the new AI technology will lead to the betterment of peoples’ lives (aka Robotopia) and the avoidance of worst case scenarios like widespread unemployment (aka Robocalypse). This is reflected in some of his initiatives such as and his volunteering with non-profit organizations that promote economic advancement.

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