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Data Management for the Digital Age. Towards a Data-Driven Smarter Enterprise.

Aiconomica provides advanced data management services to large enterprises. Our typical clients are looking to utilize their data assets to generate business value and for regulatory compliance. Our single focus is to enable your enterprise to increase its maturity in the various data management domains so it can thrive and grow in this digital age. To achieve that we leverage top global frameworks and best practices, blended and enriched with our extensive real world experience.

What’s your Digital SWOT?

Countering the threat from emerging technologies
Seize Opportunities and counter Threats from emerging business models and technologies.

We help you adopt a Data Strategy that can raise the bar significantly on operational efficiencies and customer experience. This typically requires a maturity assessment across key success dimensions such as organization, policies, processes, technology, and skills. Then we help you turn that strategy into specific action, step-by-step, bringing our collective wisdom to overcome all the expected and unexpected hurdles. All the way to measurable success.

Why choose Aiconomica?

Business & Technology Savvy

AI in Business Gets Real
The NEW Business Intelligence requires higher data management capabilities, formal data governance, and more advanced analytics.

Digital business paradigms like Industry 4.0 and omnichannel customer experience all rely on mature data management capabilities. These are both business and technology journeys our savvy experts drive and facilitate.

Results Oriented

We use a well tested digital playbook from strategy to action to measurable results.

We can turn situations of uncertainty and business risks into clear actionable success plans. Our sights remain focused on your business success metrics and on meeting and exceeding expectations.

We truly integrate with and augment your team to facilitate and accelerate your digital transformation.  And since we are an agile organisation, we keep our cost structure well within your budget.


Innovate to Stand Out
Innovation is a state of mind and it can be learned.

Our consultants include certified enterprise architects  with demonstrated creativity in senior roles. We have repeatedly contributed to successful business transformations around the world by using business acumen, design thinking, deep technical expertise, agile methodologies, and customer orientation. And we are ready to do it for you.

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